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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! I realize I’m a little late with this, but the way I see it, it can also be considered early for the 2013 holidays! So, I’m rolling with that. My holidays were a mix of crazy busy and relaxed, depending on what day you were looking at. I had a fabulous Christmas and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well!

I worked Christmas Eve, which I didn’t mind at all. It was nice being able to give the girls their presents and we had a nice uneventful day. Which for us, was a good change of pace. The month of December has been pretty bumpy. First the girls (and their family too) got a nasty cold. Complete with a rough cough, fever, and all the lovely sinus issues a cold brings. I guess the years of working at daycares and with kids in general paid off for me. I luckily only got a bit of a cough and a mild sore throat. Nothing to complain about really, it was more annoying than anything. This (for the girls and their family) lasted somewhere around 2 weeks (with the exception of the fever, that was gone after 2 or 3 days). They were better for just a few days when M had what we believe to be an allergic reaction to eggs. I’ll spare you the long explanation of how we narrowed it down to eggs, but in the end she had hives all over her face within minutes of eating them. Luckily, it appears she’s fine with things containing eggs. Within two days of figuring out what caused her allergic reaction, both girls got 103+ fevers. No other symptoms, just crazy high fevers. The doctor said it was just another virus they had picked up. They’re all better now and back to their spunky, silly selves!

So as you can see, a relaxing Christmas Eve was a welcome change of pace for us! Within the next few days, I’ll be posting some of the different things we did manage to get done this month! Including some pretty cute craft projects!


Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer

As one of our Christmas crafts, we made Rudolph onesies. They’re pretty simple to make, as long as you have a cooperative child. My girls typically don’t absolutely love making things involving their handprints, but they don’t seem to mind using their feet. This craft involves both.
We went on our first little adventure using our new Ergo carrier (a more detailed post on that to come). We first went on a hunt at Babies R Us for plain white long sleeve onesies. The only ones they had were technically boys, but really, who’s going to know? So, we picked out two of them, (and maybe got the girls a toy to play with in the next store…M is still obsessed with this toy when she’s in my car!) paid for them (yay for 50% off sales!) and headed to our next stop, Michaels Craft Store.
This store, I must admit, wasn’t as easy of a trip as Babies R Us was. You try navigating a cart with one 1 year old in it through tiny cramped aisles (really – whoever designed the layout of this store must have never actually pushed a cart through their aisles) while wearing another 1 year old! Not to mention, the aisles were cluttered with boxes of craft supplies strewn about on the floor that I had to maneuver around. The girls were great, it was just a mess of a store. Next time we’ll try another craft store instead. Anyway, enough griping. We picked out three colors of puffy fabric paint – brown, red, and black. We chose Tulip and loved it! Then we headed home and washed and dried the onesies.
When you start this project, be sure to put something flat inside the onesies – not only as something sturdy to stamp on but also to prevent the paint from bleeding onto the other side of the onesie. We used a cardboard diaper box flap. It was the perfect size. I first did the girls footprints (toes at the top) in brown, in the middle portion of the onesies (one per onesie). I let it dry for a full 24 hours to make sure it wouldn’t smudge when we did their handprints.
The next day, Thursday, I painted the girls hands and stamped them on the sides of their footprints (thumbs touching the footprint). I also added Rudolph’s eyes (in black) and red nose to their footprints, as well as each girls’ first initial onto the seam of the onesie where it snaps so we could tell which belonged to which child.
I’m sure all fabric paints will vary, but ours said to let it dry flat for 72 hours before washing. I chose to let it dry Friday through Tuesday just because I’m overly cautious like that and wanted to make sure it was fine. One cycle through the washer and dryer and they were perfect! They wore them that Wednesday and also for Christmas Eve!
I’m sure this craft could be completed not only on paper but it would also be pretty cute on a plate for Santa’s cookies!