About Me

My name is Aly and I’m a twenty-something year old nanny. I’ve been a nanny for my current family for 3 1/2 years now. Prior to that I worked for another family, as well as working in daycare. Overall, I have over 9 years professional child care experience ranging from newborns to preschool. Not only do I work full time with twin girls, but I also work part time in the evenings for a little boy and his sister as well as frequently picking up extra hours at night and on weekends taking care of other children as well. Yes, I keep myself busy, but I love it!

For reference, E & M are the twin girls I nanny for.┬áJ is the little boy I nanny for, and Z is the infant girl I nanny for (J’s sister). You may also see me refer to about 5 or 6 other kids I babysit on a regular basis. {For privacy reasons I blur every child’s face as well as use initials instead of their names} I have certifications including the normal First Aid and CPR, to medication administration, infant-toddler certification, preschool certification, and various others. I also have my Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. I also keep myself well versed in the latest research regarding infant and children, including how to teach them best, which products are appropriate and safe, and any professional studies about children.

Outside of children, I have two dogs who anyone who knows me, knows I love. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m a big book worm – anything from the sappy romance novels by Nicholas Sparks to research driven books about children or about being eco-friendly. I’m slowly working my way to being more green in everything I do and with the products I use.

My goal with this blog is to give other nannies, parents, babysitters, and any other child caregivers ideas for activities they can do with young children.