What We’ve Been Up To

I realized that I haven’t done a real “what we’ve been doing” kind of post up since mid-October. So, without further ado, here’s what the girls and I have been up to!

Let’s start with the end of October and November. These were some of our fall activities!

Fall wreaths. Dirt pudding. Thanksgiving “thankful turkeys”. Pine cone bird feeders.

Next up is December. These are some of our Christmas activities. We spent a good portion of December at my other nanny family’s house since his school was closed for the holiday, so we didn’t do as many arts and crafts things as we typically do, and somehow I didn’t take as many pictures of what we did do as I usually do.

Gingerbread house. Christmas presents for their parents.

Here’s some of the other activities we’ve done to keep us busy during the brutally cold days we’ve had.

Baking soda and vinegar science project. Bounce house. Kinetic sand. Microwave play dough. Making snow in our sensory bin.

I try to do one outing or one bigger project (art, science, working on math, writing, etc) each day. We still don’t watch TV or have any screen time (with the exception of the very few sick days, and even then it’s limited to one show). Occasionally, I let the girls have more of a free play type day where I don’t necessarily structure something, but we still have a schedule we follow which I’ll elaborate on in another post.


Pumpkin Guts and Spider Webs

Happy Halloween (almost a week late…) The girls had such a good Halloween. They dressed up as cupcakes, and were in a little neighborhood parade. Too cute!

I decided instead of opening up the pumpkin I had bought and bringing the guts in, I’d open up the pumpkins that they painted in front of them so they could see where the guts and seeds came from. I put them in their high chairs a few feet from the table and cut the pumpkins open on the table. I gave them the stem first and then a few spoonfuls of guts and seeds.

Talk about a fun activity! The girls LOVED it. They played in them for quite a while. They loved manipulating the seeds around on their highchair trays as well as pulling apart the stringy parts of the pumpkin guts. I narrated what they were feeling while they played with the guts and seeds – “what does it feel like? Is it slippery? It’s pretty stringy too. Look! Your hands are turning orange from the orange pumpkin!” and so on. Remember, babies need to be talked to about everything. They don’t know what “slippery” means until they’re able to feel it and it’s up to you to tell them what they’re feeling is slippery.

I’ve done this with many groups of kids, as young as 7 or 8 months and all have loved it. The older kids I’ve done this with don’t mind getting their hands messy and sorting seeds from the guts. We’d then roast the seeds and let them try them. The orange from the pumpkin will turn clothes orange, so be prepared to wash clothes or put them in a shirt you don’t mind messing up.

We also made a spiderweb painting. The girls painted with white paint on black paper. When they were dry, I drew a simple spiderweb on each. This was a super easy and quick project.

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